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Telconi GmbH
Wilhelm-Leibl-Platz 5
81479 Munich

+49 89 18952960

+49 89 18952959


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About Telconi GmbH

Telconi GmbH is a flexible, small and privately owned company. We create standard- and customized software applications, deliver advanced market analysis and provide general business consulting in the area of public and private data communication networks. Our customers value our long term experience, flexibility and unique technical capabilities. Our mission is to create exciting, real-world products in the field of network management, traffic accounting and billing and to integrate our solutions into existing and future networks.  


General Business Consulting for Telecommunication Markets

Which new value added services should you offer to keep your customers ? How to grow the customer base ? How to deal with competition ? What should be outsourced ? We share our thoughts and outline all reasonable options, assisting you in laying out a winning short-, mid- and long term strategy for your business.

Technology Consulting & Cost Analysis for Telecommunication Markets

Will your network or backbone ever become profitable ? What are the future-proof core technologies for your next generation network design ? Which investments will pay off and which will be irrelevant within a matter of a year ? Don't merely talk to your equipment vendors or tech staff. Obtain a second and independent outside opinion.

Advanced Telecommunication Market Analysis

We don't do simple conventional interviews. We don't just echo Garnter or IDC and put your logo in a PowerPoint slide. Data mining and real analysis for telecommunications, including customized per-project software development, to deliver you data and numbers which really matter for your well leveraged strategic decisions.

Custom Software Development

Whether it's billing, data traffic accounting, or trouble ticketing - we integrate standard solutions, own existing and field-proven custom solutions and offer general software development outsourcing. We won't bore you by lining up all the core technologies we use, but be assured we don't do Visual Basic.

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