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Telconi Terminal F.A.Q.
(Frequently Asked Questions)

This section covers a growing number of frequently asked questions about Telconi Terminal.

What is Telconi Terminal and who should use it?

Telconi Terminal is a productivity application and user interface for Cisco IOS® based routers, switches and PIX Firewalls. It was designed for users with knowledge of Cisco IOS® (and/or PIX) who now would mainly use the CLI for administration and configuration.

What are major benefits? What makes it unique?

It's benefits include full-screen, interactive editing of router configurations and full support of the routers built-in online help facility. It is unique because of it's interactive nature - it is not an offline editor for configuration files - but more like an user interface. It now also supports access-list editing and synchronization.

How does it work?

It connects multiple telnet or SSH sessions to your router and parses and processes the routers' responses to commands and keystrokes. It does not require the device to have SNMP enabled.

Is my router configuration automatically modified?

No, it does not touch your router's configuration automatically. It makes some settings for the terminal sessions, but it does not automatically reconfigure your router or make any permanent changes unless you do so. On PIX firewalls, some terminal settings are set permanently due to the nature of the PIX operating system.

Will you support other routers and switches?

As many routers, switches and other devices such as firewalls use a command line interface similar to that of IOS®, we plan to support other devices in the future as well, depending on demand. All devices running a version of Cisco IOS®, including Catalyst switches, should already work. There is also support for PIX firewalls.

How are you related with Cisco® Systems?

We're completely independent and have no relationship at all with Cisco® whatsoever. They just happen to produce routers with a large user base. Our product will not be limited to Cisco IOS® (or PIX) in the future and may support other equipment vendor's products with similar command line interfaces.



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