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Telconi GmbH
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81479 Munich

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Purchase Telconi Terminal Licenses

Ordering Process

To order, please fax the order form below (which can be optionally edited with a recent version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If you're using MacOS X, you can also use the Preview application).

Due to some issues with VAT, discounts and credit card security we currently process all orders manually. We will issue your license key on the same day or during the next business day after having received your order.

If you require assistence, formal offers, discount information etc., please feel free to contact sales@telconi.com.


>> Data Sheet (PDF)

>> Price List (PDF)

>> Ordering Terms and Conditions (PDF)

>> License Agreement (PDF)

>> Order Form (PDF)


Ordering Terms and Conditions


The software and documentation is available for download on our web site. After accepting you order, we will send you (via e-mail) a license key enabling the software permanently according to the features of the license purchased. The purchased license also covers an initial annual maintenance contract that allows you to use all upgrades created during the ensuing year. As enhancements and new versions become evailable, we will send announcements of new versions via e-mail and you will be able to download and install these updated versions as long as your maintenance contract is in force.

Licensing, Pricing

Single User Licenses: Single user licenses allow you to install and run one copy of the software on one machine at a time. Single user licenses are priced by the total number of devices you manage with the software. There is also an unlimited single user license available, allowing you to manage any number of devices. You can purchase any number of single user licenses and the pricing is the same for all supported platforms (currently Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD).

Network Licenses:network licenses are priced by the number of owned and managed devices in your organization's network (the network of a legal entity such as a company or university). The number of total devices is the total number of individual devices the Software is used with by any number of administrators and installations. Network licenses allow you to install and run any number of copies of the software on any number of machines, however, this license does not cover management of devices not part of your own network, such as the management of a third party's (i.e. your customer's) device. Pricing is the same for all supported platforms (Currently Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD) and you may install the software on differnt platforms in your network.


Educational discounts: Educational discounts are available on request. To qualify for educational discounts, your organization must be either an educational institution or a commercial organization offering networking training and certification. For more information on educational discounts, please contact sales@telconi.com.

Volume/Quantity discounts: Discounts are available when ordering multiple (more than 3) licenses of the same product at the same time. Please contact sales@telconi.com for more information on volume discounts.

Discounted maintenance contracts: Discounts on maintenance are available only if your initial purchase includes extended maintenance. If your initial order is discounted, the same percentage discount applies to the extended maintenance contract.

Reseller discounts: If you would like to sell our software to your clients and become a reseller, please contact reseller@telconi.com for more information. We also offer OEM integration services for software vendors.

Payment Options and Information

Credit cards: Telconi GmbH accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Purchase Orders: We accept purchase orders. Terms are net 30 days.

Wire Transfers: Purchaser is responsible for any bank fees charged by their bank for the wire transfer service. Please contact sales@telconi.com for information regarding our bank address, account number and routing number.

Euro currency: All prices are quoted in EUR

German VAT: Prices exclude German VAT (Value Added Tax). Customers in the United States or countries not in the EC do not pay German VAT. Customers in European Community (EC) with a valid VAT-ID (or Tax ID) number do not pay German VAT either. Customers within the European Community (EC) without a valid VAT-ID (or Tax ID) will be charged 16% VAT. All customers located within Germany will be charged 16% VAT.

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