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Telconi Terminal Price List (July 2005)

Telconi Terminal is priced by the number of installations and devices you manage. The price includes a 1 year period maintenance contract, including updates, enhancements and bug-fixes being released in that period.

Single User Licenses

Single user licenses allow installation on a single computer / for a single user on any supported platform.

TTL01Telconi Terminal Single Installup to 10275,00 EUR
TTL02Telconi Terminal Single Installup to 100475,00 EUR
TTL03Telconi Terminal Single Installunlimited875,00 EUR

Network Licenses

Network licenses allow unlimited users/installations of Telconi Terminal within an organization (corporate, campus) on all supported platforms. Multiple licenses can be purchased to upgrade the total number of managed devices. The price includes a 1 year period maintenance contract, including updates, enhancements and bug-fixes being released in that period.

TTL04Telconi Terminal Networkup to 501150,00 EUR
TTL05Telconi Terminal Networkup to 1001950,00 EUR
TTL06Telconi Terminal Networkup to 3005350,00 EUR

License Upgrades

License upgrades are available within the first 12 month of purchase or with a valid maintenance contract.

TTU01Telconi Terminal Upgrade TL0110 to 100325,00 EUR
TTU02Telconi Terminal Upgrade TL02100 to unlimited525,00 EUR
TTU03Telconi Terminal Upgrade TL0110 to unlimited725,00 EUR

Extended Maintenance Contract

Extended Maintenance contracts exceeding the 1 year included contract at the date of purchase are available for an anual fee of 15% of the current list price. Discounts apply only if ordered with the initial purchase.

TTM01Telconi Terminal Maint.Single Install up to 1041,25 EUR
TTM02Telconi Terminal Maint.Single Install up to 10071,25 EUR
TTM03Telconi Terminal Maint.Single Install unlimited131,25 EUR
TTM04Telconi Terminal Maint.Network up to 50172,50 EUR
TTM05Telconi Terminal Maint.Network up to 100292,50 EUR
TTM06Telconi Terminal Maint.Network up to 300802,50 EUR


For volume discounts, reseller and educational pricing, please contact sales@telconi.com.

German VAT

Prices exclude German VAT (Value Added Tax). Customers in the United States or countries not in the EC do not pay German VAT. Customers in European Community (EC) with a valid VAT-ID (or Tax ID) number do not pay German VAT either. Customers within the European Community (EC) without a valid VAT-ID (or Tax ID) will be charged 19% VAT. All customers located within Germany will be charged 19% VAT.


>> Telconi Terminal Price List (PDF version)



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