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Telconi GmbH
Wilhelm-Leibl-Platz 5
81479 Munich

+49 89 18952960

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We'd like to improve Telconi Terminal by enhancing its features and by correcting possible problems and inconsistencies. To do so, we rely on the feedback of our users, so please feel free to write to feedback@telconi.com. We're highly interested in your comments and suggestions and will consider all of your requests.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to test all combinations of routers, switches, firewalls, IOS® or PIX versions and line cards, so Telconi Terminal might not work correctly with your configuration. If you encounter problems with your configuration, please report to bugs@telconi.com and include the following information:

  • your router, switch or firewall hardware
  • your IOS® or PIX software version
  • your configuration (or just the relevant fragments of your configuration)
  • a short description of the problem (misbehavior, crash etc.)

This information can be easily obtained using the following privileged EXEC commands of your IOS® router or switch:

router# show hardware
router# show version
router# show running-config

Or if using a PIX Firewall:

router# show version
router# write terminal

Security note: any passwords should be removed from configuration files before you send them by email for security reasons. These passwords often can be easily decrypted - even by our applications - and generally should not be transmitted to anyone.

Privacy Policy

Whether you send us feedback, support-requests or bug reports, we of course won't use your email address for unsolicited email messages or submit your address to any third party.



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