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Telconi Terminal Tested Devices

This section contains a list of some device specifications Telconi Terminal is known to work with. If you've sucessfully worked with a different setup, please send a short message to feedback@telconi.com containing your hardware configuration and IOS® or PIX software version. Of course, please also let us know if you've experienced problems with your configuration.


Cisco® SOHO077 (like 827), IOS® Version 12.2(15)T12 (tested by Anoud H.)
Cisco® SOHO091, IOS® Version 12.3(8)T1 (tested by David P.)
Cisco® UBR925, IOS® Version 12.2(8)T7 (tested by Carl G.)
Cisco® 1401, IOS® version 12.0.3(T) FC1 (tested by Achim P.)
Cisco® 1602, IOS® version 12.2(12) FC1 (tested by Paul D.)
Cisco® 1603, IOS® version 12.0(12) (tested by Christian L.)
Cisco® 1605, IOS® version 12.0(3)T FC1 (tested by Stian M.)
Cisco® 1720, IOS® version 12.1(3) FC1
Cisco® 1720, IOS® version 12.1(22c) FC1
Cisco® 1750, IOS® version 12.2(8) ED FC1 (tested by Willi N.)
Cisco® 1760, IOS® version 12.3.7(T) FC1 (tested by Willi N.)
Cisco® 2503, IOS® version 12.1(5)
Cisco® 2511, IOS® version 12.2.(27) Enterprise Edition (tested by Joseph R.)
Cisco® 2514, IOS® version 12.2 (tested by Stephen T.)
Cisco® 2514, IOS® version 12.2.(27) Enterprise Edition (tested by Joseph R.)
Cisco® 2522, IOS® version 12.2.(27) Enterprise Edition (tested by Joseph R.)
Cisco® 2610, IOS® version 12.1(22c) (tested by Christian L.)
Cisco® 2610, IOS® version 12.2.(27) Enterprise Edition (tested by Joseph R.)
Cisco® 2611, IOS® version 11.3 (tested by Gary H.)
Cisco® 2611, IOS® version 12.2.(27) Enterprise Edition (tested by Joseph R.)
Cisco® 2611XM, IOS® version 12.3(9a) (tested by Gareth C.)
Cisco® 2620, IOS® version 12.2.(27) Enterprise Edition (tested by Joseph R.)
Cisco® 2621, IOS® version 12.1(22b) (tested by Dustin M.)
Cisco® 2621, IOS® version 12.3(6a) (tested by Vadim S.)
Cisco® 3620, IOS® version 12.2
Cisco® 3620, IOS® version 12.2(21a) (tested by Christian L.)
Cisco® 3620, IOS® version 12.2.(27) Enterprise Edition (tested by Joseph R.)
Cisco® 3640, IOS® version 12.1(5)T17
Cisco® 3640, IOS® version 12.2(15)T5
Cisco® 3640, IOS® version 12.2 (tested by Gary H.)
Cisco® 3660, IOS® version 12.2.21a
Cisco® 3725, IOS® version 12.3(5f), 12.3(10) (tested by Sebastiaan C.)
Cisco® 4500M, IOS® version 12.0.17a
Cisco® 4500M, IOS® version 12.0(26)
Cisco® 7507, IOS® version 12.2(12a) (tested by Christian L.)
Cisco® 7301, IOS® version 12.3(12) (tested by Gareth C.)
Cisco® 7204VXR, IOS® version 12.0(25)S1
Cisco® 7206VXR, IOS® version 12.2.17
Cisco® 7206VXR, IOS® version 12.1(19)E1
Cisco® 7206VXR, IOS® version 12.3(6) (tested by Gareth C.)
Cisco® 7206, IOS® version 12.1 (tested by Gary H.)
Cisco® 7400, IOS® version 12.2(15)T5 (tested by Markus S.)
Cisco® 7401ASR, IOS® version 12.3(6) (tested by Gareth C.)
Cisco® 7613, IOS® version 12.2(18) (tested by Jonathan D.)

Access Servers

Cisco® AS5300 IOS® version 12.2(13)T5 FC1 (tested by Alexey K.)
Cisco® AS5300 IOS® version 12.2(2)XB12 (tested by Eugeny U.)

Cisco® Catalyst Switches

2912XL, IOS® version 12.0(5)WC5
2924XL-EN, IOS® version 12.0(5)WC9a (tested by Christian L.)
2948G-L3, IOS® 12.0(25)W5(27) (tested by Florian B.)
2950T-24, IOS® 12.1(12c)EA1 (tested by Florian B.)
3548XL, IOS® version 12.0(5)XU SMI
3550, IOS® version 12.1(14)EA1a (tested by Gareth C.)
3550XL, IOS® version 12.1 SMI (tested by Gary H.)
3550 EMI, IOS® version 12.2.25 (tested by Joseph R.)
3750G-24TS, IOS® 12.1(19)EA1 (tested by Florian B.)

Note: Some Catalyst series switches with origins from other vendors aquired by Cisco over time use a different type of OS/CLI and are not currently supported by Telconi Terminal. Unsupported switches include the 2800, 1900 (Grand Junction), 3000 (Kalpana) and 5000/6000 (Crescendo, also termed CatOS). Please let us know if you are interested in a version of Telconi Terminal supporting these devices aswell.

Cisco® PIX Firewalls

Cisco® PIX Firewall 501, PIX Version 6.1(1)
Cisco® PIX Firewall 501, PIX Version 6.3(5)
Cisco® PIX Firewall 506, PIX Version 6.0(1)
Cisco® PIX Firewall 506E, PIX Version 6.3(4) (tested by Michael P.)
Cisco® PIX Firewall 515, PIX Version 6.3(3) (tested by Robert M.)
Cisco® PIX Firewall 515E, PIX Version 6.3(3) (tested by Merlijn T.)


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